June 4, 2020

What to Look For in Storage Facilities

An RV represents a significant investment that you’ll want to keep protected from weather, people up to no good, and the harsh rays of the Florida sun. When looking for storage facilities, there are few things to look for that signal the facility is a quality operation. Here is what you should look for when browsing storage facilities in Stuart.

Newly constructed storage facilities

New facilities usually have all the bells and whistles and the most modern amenities available. In your search for RV storage, do yourself a favor and make sure any newly built facilities make your final list for visits. You’ll be thankful for the modern conveniences that you’re likely to find in these storage facilities Stuart.  

Easy maintenance

It’s also smart to look for a storage facility that makes maintaining your RV an easy chore. Many of the modern facilities offer a wash and detail area that you can get your rid in and out of easily. It will probably be equipped with plenty of long sprayers and hoses making the task easier on you.  

Security and surveillance

When choosing a storage facility, it’s important that you feel your vehicle is safe when it’s not in your care. Choose a facility that offers 24/7 video monitoring of the all the common areas. In the event, something bad happens to your RV while in storage, hopefully, the video footage will help authorities discover what happened and find a remedy to the problem.  

Wide-open spaces

RVs vary greatly in size from giant buses to smaller pull-behind attachments. With any of them, you’ll need room to move around in a storage facility. Look for a facility with tall overhead doors like 13 feet high, and roomy approaches to the bay doors. You’ll be glad you did. 

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