January 9, 2020

RV storage locations: What to look for

If you’re lucky enough to hit the road in a class A or B recreational vehicle, you’re traveling in style and comfort. While these vehicles are incredibly convenient and nice to travel in, they can be difficult to store; especially if your home sits on a smaller lot. That’s when you need to shop for an RV storage in Stuart, and here’s what you need to look for while shopping.   

Well lit and big bays 

When considering RV storage in Stuart, you’ll want to avoid any location that has vehicles packed in like sardines. This isn’t comfortable or convenient and lends to damaging your property or someone else’s when you’re moving your vehicle around the facility. Look for big bays with plenty of clearance for your to pull your rig in and out of storage. Also be sure that the area is always well lit for your safety, and for the safety of your RV.  

RV storage wash station

After a long haul, your RV will probably be pretty dirty. Look for a storage facility with a dedicated space to wash the vehicle. These are large vehicles that require special equipment to adequately clean them and many storage facilities answer that call with extra-long sprayers on hand, ladders, and large washing bays. This amenity will make your life so much easier after a trip when your aim is to park a clean rig until the next adventure.  

Climate control and fire suppression

Class A and B RVs can get pretty expensive with price tags totaling six figures for the most luxuriously equipped rides. You want to be sure your investment is protected both on the road and when it’s parked in storage. Be sure the storage facility you choose offer adequate fire suppression technology on-site and has a state-of-the-art climate control system to maintain a suitable temperature for your vehicle. And in Florida, where hurricanes are a fact of life, you’ll probably want to inquire about the building’s hurricane rating too. 

RV Storage Security

When searching for the perfect place to park your RV when you’re not on the road, you’ll want to consider the security measures in place in the facility you choose. Cameras are a must in any facility that you might consider so that should some unfortunate circumstances arise, you have access to footage that helps your case. You also want to feel safe while on the property, so be sure the area is well lit and adequately fenced to keep people up to no good on the outside.

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