November 11, 2019

10 Amenities That You Should Take Advantage of at Lifestyle RV Storage

Storing your recreational vehicle when you’re not touring state parks or visiting family members, or having other countless possible adventures on the road is a necessity and a costly one at that. Industry experts estimate that luxury RV storage can cost between $100 and $1000 a month depending on the size of your rig and the amenities available at the facility you choose. If Lifestyle RV Storage in Stuart is your choice, here are 10 amenities available there that you won’t want to miss. 

1. Inside storage 

Lifestyle RV Storage is an exceptional luxury RV storage facility that offers ample inside storage to keep your vehicle out of harm’s way and well protected when you’re not on the road. The facility has 22 giant bays for parking, each with 13 foot wide overhead doors and that added benefit of a remote door opener. You will also have plenty of space to move around while parking with a 90-foot approach to the bay door area.

2. Size

Once your rig is parked in your storage bay, you’ll quickly see that you have plenty of elbow room. Storage bays are 15 feet wide by 52 feet long; plenty of room to accommodate rigs of various sizes.  The facility also features a large courtyard situated between the two, 11-bay rows, for easy maneuvering in and out of your unit.

3. Access to utilities

The site has electricity and water making storage of your vehicle easier than ever before. Take advantage of its wash area where you can bring your RV back to spick and span before storing it for a period of time. Lifestyle RV Storage has all the utilities and conveniences that make owning and caring for your RV easier than ever before.  

4. Climate control

The units at LIfestyle RV Storage are also climate control. Maintaining a constant temperature and humidity level in each bay is an important feature. Doing so protects your RV from the Florida humidity, hot temperatures and glaring sun. 

5. 24-hour access

If you choose Lifestyle RV for storage, you will have 24-hour access to your vehicle. The facility has gated access which you can get through. With your automatic opener, no need to depend on a facility supervisor to access your specific bay.

6. On-site dump station

The fact remains that owning and using an RV leaves owners faced with having to do something with the waste that collects on board. You’ll find a dedicated dump station here where you can easily hook up and unload. When you roll in, and before you put your rig away, you can empty it, clean it, and perfectly prepare it for your next adventure. 

7. Big doors, spaces and remote openers 

Space is a premium at luxury RV storage facilities, and that this facility offers so much is an enticing amenity for all RV owners. The giant courtyard, the generous, 52 foot long bays, the exterior space to move around, and the extensive indoor space to escape the heat and elements, make this facility pretty special. Rather than pack rigs in like sardines, the owners of Lifestyle RV aimed to provide room to breathe to those that choose to store their RVs on the property.

8. Clubhouse

Taking care of a rig can be a big chore. If you’ve been on the road for a while, there are plenty of things you’ll want to do to prepare for your next trip before you park it in storage. You’ll also occasionally want to escape the heat, humidity and blazing Florida sun. You’ll be able to do just that and the comfortable clubhouse available to facility clients on site. 

9. Wifi

Wifi should be a currency of its own these days and is a precious amenity for practically any business. Lifestyle RV customers can take advantage of free Wifi in the clubhouse area. All you need to do is pull up a chair, fire up your device and utilize the password information available in the clubhouse.  

10. Dedicated washing area

One of the most convenient amenities on-site is the dedicated washing area. Here you’ll find everything you need to get your rig cleaned no matter how big it is. You’ll find catwalks on either side to make reaching those high spots possible, powerful sprayers, wax and other wash products, and the ability to dry your rig by hand if you like.

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