October 2, 2019

Best Tips for Winterizing Your RV

If you are a new recreational vehicle owner and hit the roads hard for the summer before planning to store it for the winter, there is a process to closing the rig up for an extended period of time. Indoor RV storage is the best way to keep your vehicle safe, well protected and free from damage. So when the time comes to drive the RV into your storage bay for the season, here are a few tips for winterizing it. 

1.  Thoroughly clean the inside

When you close the vehicle up in your indoor RV storage bay, you’re also closing up all the smells that might be lingering inside. When it comes time to open it back up again and hit the road, it might not smell so fresh. Just before you store the vehicle, you should spend an extended period of time thoroughly cleaning the inside of the rig – everything from sheets, carpets, countertops and bathrooms, captains chairs, tabletops and everything in between in order to close it up with a fresh, clean smell on the inside.  

2. Drain all the water

Before storing your RV, you’ll also want to drain all the water possible from various places in the rig. Start by defrosting the freezer. Drain all water lines, holding tanks, toilets and hot water heaters, and add recreational vehicle antifreeze into the vehicle’s water system to keep it safe in the colder months.    

3. Do a walkaround

You will also want to do a walkaround to closely check the exterior of your recreational vehicle before parking it in your indoor RV storage space. If you spot any damage, the   is a good time to schedule repairs. Make sure the exterior is clean, the slides are completely closed, and that windows, doors and storage compartments are shut. 

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