September 23, 2019

3 Benefits of Indoor RV Storage You Didn’t Know About

The average RV owner uses their recreational vehicle for just over 30 days each year. That leaves more than 330 days of the year that it needs to be stored in a place that protects such a big investment. It’s not easy to find a spot big enough to accommodate these important family vacation vehicles, and indoor RV storage in Stuart, Fl. is your absolute best bet.

 Limit the damage

When it comes to protecting your RV, indoor RV storage in Stuart, Fl. is the way to go to protect your rig from the elements. Wind, rain, lightning, harsh sun, hot temperatures, severe weather common in coastal Florida, bird droppings, tree sap, and many other elements that are hard to shield your RV from aren’t so much of a problem if you keep it indoors. Ideally, you would have a home garage big enough to accommodate your vehicle. Most people don’t and that’s when a trusted storage facility can save the day and drastically limit any damage to your RV while it’s in storage.

Keep burglars away

Indoor storage facilities typically have a robust security system including on-site cameras, code protected entry, and special locks that only you have access to. These security measures help to keep your RV safe and the burglars away. The last thing you want to happen by storing it elsewhere is to find your RV ransacked on the eve of a planned vacation in the vehicle.

Protect the inside

The sometimes harsh Florida weather, and the heat, humidity, blazing sun and tropical systems can wreak havoc on the outside and inside of your RV. Storing your rig outdoors puts it at greater risk for damage from flying debris, fading from sun exposure, a lightning strike or even flood risk. These factors can take a toll on the inside of the vehicle too if weather sends flood water or rain inside via leaks.

If you need a safe and secure place to store your RV make sure you check out Lifestyle RV Storage in Stuart, FL. We’re located at 7261 SW Jack James Dr. Stuart, FL 34997 and for more information about our availability give us a call at – (772) 781-0771.

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